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Since elementary school, Trent Brock knew he wanted to be a broadcast journalist. Currently a Broadcasting major at Western Kentucky University, this $3000 LM&O/ThanksUSA Scholarship recipient is on his way to achieving his career goal. Trent is concentrating his studies in TV News with a Sociology minor. He is already gaining valuable experience as a volunteer reporter at the WKU campus station, NewsChannel 12.

Trent Brock

Of course news casters need to be intuitive, enthusiastic, and full of drive. Trent is confident that he possesses these skills and more. Being born into the military, Trent has experienced military life at several bases in the US and abroad. Meeting people and making friends all over the world has given Trent the confidence and initiative necessary for live interviews and probing investigations.

He also understands and appreciates that broadcasting is a highly competitive field. He explains, “I have learned that you must have tough skin in this business. If you want to make it, you have to get out there and take the initiative. My favorite phrase is ‘Life is like a shark tank. Be a shark, not a minnow.’ I love good competition!”

Ultimately, Trent plans on working as a reporter. However, gaining technical behind-the-scenes skills at WKU will allow Trent to keep many options open within the Broadcasting field. Trent adds, “There are just so many opportunities that I have at my fingertips, it’s just deciding what exactly I want to do.”

So far, Trent is off to great start. During his first semester, he made the President’s list and maintains a 3.8 GPA. He continues to volunteer at NewsChannel 12 and also volunteers at the Bowling Green Humane Society. To assist with college costs, Trent also works part-time at AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service). Trent says, “I know so many students that are always worried about how they are going to finance their education. Students should not be distracted by financial issues, but it’s unavoidable. I am so thankful to have received a ThanksUSA scholarship. It has helped so much. I am able to concentrate on my school work and not worry so much about the financial aspect.”

The ThanksUSA team encourages Trent to keep up his hard work. We hope that someday we will see you on a national or international news broadcast!

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