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All of our Phase I (classroom/youth participant) winners have been notified and the last of the prizes are on their way. Our sincerest thanks to all teachers, youth administrators, students, and youth participants who worked so diligently on Treasure Hunt 7. Although Phase I has come to an end, the fun is not over…All Phase II (individual) participants have until August 15th to complete the TH7 chapters and be eligible for Phase II prizes. Remember, even if your child participated in Phase I, they can register as a Phase II participant (with parent permission) and play as an individual. The “Winners Page” will be updated soon! Until then, take a look at these photos of Bishop Woods Elementary students using their $1,000 Barnes&Noble gift card to sock their library:

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Bishop Woods Winners!

As the TH6 Chapter 1 winners, these Bishop Woods Elementary School students recently took a special trip to Barnes & Noble to purchase $1000 worth of books for their school! Pictured from left to right are Neftali Merino, Derek Gonzalez, Diamond Jackson, Wilmariz Vidro, Anayls Rivera. Not pictured, but equally important to the success of the Bishop Woods winners is Binisha Adhikari. Our sincerest congratulations again to Bishop Woods and our appreciation to Dr. Lowery for guiding their winning efforts!

Dr. Lowery reports that the children have a great time participating in the hunt and are excited learners. One student reports, “We are learning to be better readers and researchers – you have to read the clues looking for key words to search for just like when you read non-fiction and have to look for the main idea in a paragraph.” Well said!

We are quickly approaching the final Phase I deadline, Treasure Hunters! All school and youth groups need to complete the final 3 chapters of TH6 by May 19th to be eligible to win a $1000 Gift Card for supplies! Let’s take a closed look at a question from Chapter 6, U.S. Territories:

4. On April 17, 1900, this U.S. Navy Commander raised the American flag on Samoan soil and the territory of American Samoa was born:  IN JELLYBEAN FLIRT AN MINK

This clue gives us a specific date and location, so the answer should not be too hard to find. But just in case, here are some wonderful websites to explore and learn from:




I want all of our school and youth group registrants to be eligible to win. If there is a specific clue that just has you stumped, please leave a comment or send me an email at sherrykoch@thanksusa.org. Good Luck!

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