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Kwai Kwai Nedobak! Welcome back to the Treasure Hunt Five blog.  This week we’ll explore the Abnaki language to solve a clue from chapter 6, New Hampshire.  But first, I am pleased to introduce the Phase I winners of chapter 4, the Happy Homeschoolers/the Young family!  For successfully completing one of this years toughest chapters, the Youngs won a $1000 Walmart gift card to purchase school supplies.

Happy Homeschoolers

What a thrilling treasure hunt this has been! Our home school enjoyed learning all about MO, AL, NE and recycling. What a great way to learn about hydro-power dams! We are grateful to ThanksUSA for this opportunity to have fun while learning valuable facts about our country. Most importantly, we want to show our appreciation to all the military men and women and their families. Thank you for serving this great nation!  – Deborah Young, mother/teacher

Happy Homeschoolers, thank you for your kind words and congratulations on sticking with a very challenging chapter!  Your school/youth group can still be a winner…May 20 is the final Phase I deadline.  All school and youth groups who submit correct entries for chapters 5, 6, or 7, will be eligible to win!  Now let’s look at that language clue:

18.  Canobie (Lake) means this in the Abnaki language.

Every child loves to learn words in a new language…whether they’ve just discovered pig latin, hear cartoon characters speaking foreign languages, or meet someone who can speak a language different from their own.  Thanks to online dictionaries and translators, language barriers are much easier to overcome.  A suggested search for this clue may include:

Abnaki + translation + Canobie Lake

Don’t be surprised if your search engine suggests the spelling as Abenaki, or even Abenaqui…you should still find your translation quite easily.  You will probably stumble upon some great Native American websites as well.  Here are a few Abnaki sites that I found very educational:



I hope you have fun discovering the Abnaki tribe.  Until next week, Wli Nadialowôgan!

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