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imagesSince early childhood, Alexis Wilt consistently demonstrated a drive to succeed. The Air Force dependent performed well academically and remained active in various sports organizations. Although several of her extra-curricular interests have changed over time, her main goal has remained the same. Alexis wants to become an attorney.

“My career goals have intensified as I learn more about the law. I know that I have chosen a challenging major, but that challenge keeps me motivated.”

In preparation for college, Alexis took several law classes and spent the past two summers working in a law firm. Through the firm, she was given the opportunity to participate in Teen Court. This alternative to juvenile court allows first time offenders to be represented, judged, and sanctioned by their peers. With the guidance of an attorney, Alexis represented peer clients while gaining firsthand experience with court procedures and the legal system.

FSU softball + Alexis WiltNow, with the assistance of a $3,000 Harry C. McPherson Jr/ThanksUSA scholarship, Alexis has begun her Pre-Law major at Florida State University. Embracing all that FSU has to offer, Alexis has become very active on campus. She joined the Phi Mu sorority, participated in many campus activities like spirit week and homecoming, and has dedicated dozens of hours to community service. She played intramural volleyball and is a member of the FSU club softball team. Alexis is proud to report that she made the Dean’s list and wrapped up the fall semester with a 3.94 GPA.

“I’m so honored and blessed to have received such a generous donation to help me further my education and follow my passion in law. Mr. McPherson’s legacy not only made my dreams a possibility but his amazing achievements and contributions are so inspiring and continue to motivate me to pursue my interest in justice.”


Alexis with her proud parents, TSG Daniel Wilt, USAF (Ret), and Diana Wilt

Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Alexis plans to attend the Stetson University College of Law to earn her Juris Doctorate.  Alexis says that her dream job would be working with the State Attorney’s Office as a civil rights lawyer. She is certainly a deserving representative of the Harry C. McPherson Jr/ThanksUSA scholarship!

The ThanksUSA team wants all college bound military dependents and spouses to apply for a ThanksUSA scholarship. Applications for the 2013-2014 ThanksUSA scholarship will be accepted between April 1 and May 15 of this year. It’s not too early to register for a reminder – just click here. Please make sure to share the link with military families.

“I would like to thank you for the Harry C. McPherson Jr/ThanksUSA scholarship that I was awarded and let you know what a blessing it was for me and my family.  I truly enjoyed my first semester at FSU.  This experience would not have been possible for me without scholarships such as this.  Thank you again.”

— Alexis Wilt


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The first Phase I winners of TH5 have been notified! A high school class from Ohio has won chapter 1 and a youth group from TX are the lucky winners of chapter 2. Your school/youth group can be our next winner! Just submit correct answers to chapters 3 or 4 by March 18th.

In honor of African American History Month, we’re going to take a closer look at questions from chapter 3, Alabama. Within this chapter, we recognize the achievements of many great African Americans, showcasing athletes, politicians, military members, and educators. Let’s start with a clue that I hope even our youngest Treasure Hunt participants will be able to answer without much help:

13. Considered the mother of the civil rights movement, she refused to give up her seat on the bus, inspiring a year-long boycott.   SOAR   RASKP

This woman’s brave defiance inspired a nation and I know that most TH5 players will know the answer immediately. But, if you need some help, search the following key words: Mother of civil rights movements

The next clue is a bit more challenging, but I expect some students to already know the answer…specifically those students in Hampton Roads, VA and Eastern Alabama:

18. He was only 25 when he became the administrator of a university. Although he was born into slavery he wanted to help freed slaves learn how to be teachers and ministers.   KOEBOR   T   TONHIWGNSA

This man was actually born in Virginia, educated in VA and DC, and then appointed as the administrator of a new (at the time) university in Alabama. With humble beginnings in the basement of a church, this university’s campus continued to expand and is now a National Historic Landmark. You’re search may include:

25 year-old freed slave + university administrator + Alabama

The anagrams provided in this chapter will help you identify correct answers right away. As always, if you’re having difficulty with Alabama or any other chapter, please leave a comment on the TH5 blog, post your question on our Fan page, or send me an email sherrykoch@thanksusa.org. For additional African American History Month resources, I recommend visiting the Library of Congress website. Good Hunting!

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