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The ThanksUSA team congratulates Army dependent and ThanksUSA scholarship recipient, Nicole Cook, on her recent graduation from Stevenson Unviersity! The daughter of Sergeant 1st Class, David Cook, U.S. Army (Ret), Nicole has received a total of $9,000 in Folds of Honor Foundation/ThanksUSA Scholarships to help fund her elementary education studies. Nicole is eager to begin her career as a teacher and we’re happy to report that she will be joining the faculty of Carroll County Public Schools.


Nicole’s name may be familiar to ThanksUSA supporters because of her assistance with ThanksUSA outreach events, receptions, and fundraisers. Most recently, she represented ThanksUSA scholarship recipients at the 5th annual ThanksUSA Golf Tournament at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club. Prior to the event, Nicole appeared with ThanksUSA Chairman and CEO, Bob Okun, on Let’s Talk Live to speak about ThanksUSA’s mission and the golf fundraiser.

Please join us in wishing Nicole and all recent graduates well with their budding careers or continued educational journeys…our outstanding scholars deserve our support and we hope to bring you more highlights from the Class of 2012!

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This week, I am honored to present Air Force dependent and ThanksUSA scholar, Kara Davis. During her undergraduate studies, Kara received a total of $9,000 in ThanksUSA Scholarships, including those sponsored by ESA Foundation and The Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas. On May 5th, Kara graduated Cum Laude from Eastern Illinois University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Dedicated to continuing her education, Kara is eager to begin graduate studies at EIU in just a few weeks. I encourage you to join ThanksUSA in congratulating Kara on her academic achievements and in wishing her continued success as a graduate student!

Congratulations Kara!!

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Congratulations to our first Treasure Hunt Six winners!  The winners of Chapter One, third graders from Bishop Woods Elementary School in Connecticut, are looking forward to taking a field trip to their local Barnes & Noble where they will spend their $1000 gift certificate on new books for their school’s library. The Chapter Two winners, Pilon Homeschool in Wyoming will be using their $1000 gift certificate to purchase a variety of school supplies from Walmart. Your school or youth group can be next – the entry deadline for chapters 3 and 4 is March 17th.

To help you successfully complete the hunt, let’s take a closer look at a few clues from Chapter 4, Oklahoma:


26. Combines with 14-Down (and takes off with 23-DOWN). Third word in a 3-part answer.


14. If you want to be an ___, it’s very likely you’ll spend time at a center in Oklahoma’s largest city. Named after U.S. Senator Mike Monroney, it trains nearly all of the country’s aspirants to this profession. Here we need the second word; third was the answer to 26-ACROSS; and the first will be here before you know it.

23. We hope it’s clear — the first part of that three-word answer from 14-DOWN.

Almer Stillwell "Mike" Monroney - wikipedia

Let’s begin with the first part of the 14-DOWN clue and search for Oklahoma’s largest City. Once you’ve found the largest city, search for the facility that bears Senator Monroney’s name. Your search may look similar to this: (name of largest city) + Monroney. If you still need a little nudge, try adding the word “center.” Once you’ve found the name of the training facility, you can visit the facility’s website to find out exactly what they do. In case you need them, here are some additional hints:

Senator Monroney wrote and sponsored the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 that created the FAA

In 1981, a labor strike by the union of this profession impeded travel from coast to coast and over 11,000 of these individuals lost their jobs

For extra fun, once you’ve found your answer, search “your answer” + live feed and visit some of the websites.  Good Luck!!

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