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The Whitmore family had a lot to celebrate recently as sisters Victoria (Tori) and Katherine (Katie) each graduated with honors from Hardin-Simmons University. The graduation event was indeed a family affair, with their father, Air Force Chaplain Eric Whitmore (Capt.), delivering the opening prayer at the commencement ceremony. Thanks to generous sponsors like the ESA Foundation and Blavatnik Family Foundation, the duo received $15,000 in ThanksUSA Scholarships over the past four years. Although the sisters are now preparing to pursue different paths, their altruistic natures still shines through:

Victoria Whitmore 

Receiving $6,000 in ThanksUSA scholarships helped Tori earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After interning with the Department of Veterans Affairs last summer, Tori knew that she had found her calling. Having recently applied for a nursing position at the VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC, Tori will train with other new nurses to solidify her nursing assessments and skills. Eventually, she would like to work in long-term/hospice care or as a rehabilitation nurse. Tori adds, “I believe a nurse’s responsibility is to facilitate the physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual health of their patients. In these areas of healthcare, I have a greater opportunity to assist with all types of healing so that the individual and their families can come to a more holistic sense of wellbeing.”

Katherine Whitmore

Katie received $9,000 in ThanksUSA scholarships and earned her Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree. When she began college, Katie envisioned a career as a Foreign Service Officer traveling the world and exchanging ideas with different cultures. The further she delved into her political science studies, the more she realized that her true desire was to bring humanitarian aid to those in need. Katie now believes that her future lies with non-government organizations. At present, she is preparing for a six month mission with the Experience Mission organization that will take her from a Navajo reservation in Arizona to South Africa, Mozambique, and Lesotho. Katie is confident that her education will allow her to better understand the needs of these communities and bring education, healthcare, and sustainability to their lives.

ThanksUSA is honored to support such dedicated and selfless scholars. We wish these young ladies all the best and look forward to bringing you updates on both Tori’s career and Katie’s mission. Each and every year, ThanksUSA receives thousands of scholarship applications from military spouses and dependents seeking to better their lives through education. We receive updates from ThanksUSA scholars who are doing exactly what Tori and Katie are doing – paying it forward. Click here to make your tax-deductible donation today…it will make a difference!

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This past week, ThanksUSA had the pleasure of welcoming two of our outstanding scholarship recipients to Washington, D.C. to meet with ThanksUSA supporters. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Katherine Whitmore (Hardin-Simmons University) and Bailey Smith (Mississippi State University) for representing ThanksUSA!

While in DC, Bailey and Katherine enjoyed a luncheon with military personnel and ThanksUSA supporters. They also attended the Golden State Warriors vs Washington Wizards basketball game and witnessed ThanksUSA spokesperson, Stephen Curry, in action. Make sure to join us on Facebook for event updates and photos.

Also of note this past week is the artwork of ThanksUSA scholar, Joan Brice-Guyer. Brice’s father recently published a book titled The Circle of Chairs. The cover features artwork that Brice completed in High School.

You can also view Brice’s most recent artwork at her SecretWorld online gallery. Thanks for sharing, Brice! If you are a current or former ThanksUSA scholarship recipient, I’d love to hear from you and update our supporters on your current studies, employment, or philanthropic endeavors. I can be reached directly at sherrykoch@thanksusa.org or you can always leave a comment on this blog.

Reminder to everyone interested in the ThanksUSA scholarship program: applications for the 2011/2012 academic year will be accepted between April 1 and May 15, 2011. ThanksUSA scholarships are awarded annually, so a new application is required each year. To register for an email reminder, please click here. If you are interested in supporting our outstanding scholars, your donations are always appreciated!

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