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Andrew Orme is a confident, patriotic Air Force Brat who is quickly adapting to college life at Brigham Young University. The recipient of a $3000 Oshkosh Defense/Senator Ted Stevens Memorial Scholarship through ThanksUSA, Andrew aspires to earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Andrew Orme

Andrew is currently completing the rigorous pre-requisite courses necessary to pursue the mechanical engineering major. Having completed several Advanced Placement courses during his high school career, Andrew’s current undergraduate coursework is challenging.  But, he notes, “The work ethic I developed in high school has certainly been helpful.”

Much of Andrew’s interest in mechanical engineering stems from his military upbringing with the largest influence being his father’s career. Major Kenyon Orme, USAF, is a mechanical engineer who has served his country for over sixteen years. During that time, Andrew’s tours of military bases piqued his interests. He sees versatility in an engineering career and is encouraged by the diverse opportunities that his degree will offer.

Not only did military life give Andrew a glimpse of his potential career, it also provided him with life skills that he values today. He explains, “Military life prepared me to succeed in college. Moving often has taught me to adapt and deal with change in positive ways. I’ve also learned to interact well and develop good relationships with people.”

Andrew also reflected on the challenges of military life saying, “Deployments brought my family closer together. I learned the importance of family and I plan to carry that into my own marriage. My father has always emphasized a goal of excellence in all aspects of life.”

Andrew’s current goal is academic excellence and he plans to explore many specializations through the mechanical engineering program, Andrew is currently drawn to an aerospace technology concentration. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to delve into the aerospace curriculum and can see himself working in various aspects of the US Space Program, from satellite development and testing to rocket payloads.

Like most college Freshman, Andrew has been busy discovering all that BYU has to offer.  He recently participated in a disabilities awareness campaign, conducts community service through the Honors Program, and continues to make his faith a priority. Andrew is planning to share his faith through a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Andrew mentions that receiving the Oshkosh Defense/ThanksUSA Scholarship has given him greater confidence in his academic pursuits noting that he is able to focus more on his studies since he does not have to rely on a part-time job to meet expenses.

Andrew is certainly a confident and competent young man who has specific life goals and the necessary drive to achieve them. The ThanksUSA team is looking forward to following his continued success and we leave you with a few words from Andrew:

“I am so grateful for the financial assistance. Thank you for your support of the military and military families. It means a lot to my family to have organizations, individuals, and corporate sponsors supporting the military. It is very patriotic and we are all grateful.”

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