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November 26, 2013, Washington, DC – ThanksUSA and their partner the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation today announced the launch of the ninth annual ThanksUSA Treasure Hunt (TH9), a free, fully interactive digital trivia and puzzle game about U.S. history, culture and values. The hunt supports ThanksUSA’s annual scholarship fund to benefit the children and spouses of active-duty military personnel by providing need-based scholarships for two-year or four-year colleges, vocational or technical schools. The focus of this year’s hunt will be the United States Bill of Rights.

The digital trivia game will be assessable starting Thanksgiving Day, November 28. Participants will be quizzed on the Bill of Rights’ history, purpose and implications on American life. It is the first of six Treasure Hunt chapters available for free online (www.thanksusa.org) and via mobile application.

“Treasure Hunt 9 promises to be one of our most challenging contests ever, engaging students and their families across the country while reminding them of the sacrifices of our troops,” said ThanksUSA Executive Director Michele Stork. “The ESA Foundation’s continued support for the contest and scholarships will help ThanksUSA cross the $10 million mark in scholarships.”

The ESA Foundation has underwritten the annual Treasure Hunt series for five years and also funds 25 “ESA Foundation/ThanksUSA Scholarships” annually. Since its inception in 2005, more than 12,000 Americans have engaged in ThanksUSA treasure hunts that reflect the nation’s history, values and culture while raising awareness and funds for the educational pursuits of military families.

“The U.S. video game industry is proud to support our nation’s troops and their families,” said Jenny Lai, vice president of the ESA Foundation. “We are proud to help educate children through the use of digital technology and bring our unique and impactful resources to augment ThanksUSA’s remarkable mission and work.”

Following the official launch of Treasure Hunt Nine on November 28, subsequent chapters will be introduced on the first of each month beginning January 1, 2014. The six-month Bill of Rights challenge will close on May 31, 2014, and will be followed by a summer bonus round slated for July 4 – August 15, 2014.

Four players who correctly answer each chapter’s questions will each receive a $250 Walmart gift certificate. A grand prize – a $500 Walmart gift card – will be drawn from the pool of individuals who correctly answer all questions in each round.

The Treasure Hunt series serves to generate attention and donations for ThanksUSA’s annual scholarship fund. Since 2006, ThanksUSA award over 3,000 need-based scholarships valued at nearly $10 million to families representing all branches of the armed services across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


ThanksUSA_Logo_1About ThanksUSA
Founded in the fall of 2005, ThanksUSA, a non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization, is an effort to thank the men and women of our armed forces and their families for their service to the country with the gift of education. The organization provides need-based, post-secondary education opportunities to the children and spouses of active-duty status military personnel through competitive scholarships. For more information, please visit www.ThanksUSA.org.

PrintAbout the ESA Foundation
The ESA Foundation was created by the American interactive entertainment software industry to support and provide opportunities that can make a difference in the lives of America’s youth. The Foundation is fully supported by proceeds from industry projects and and its annual fundraiser, “A Nite to Unite – for Kids.” For more information about the ESA Foundation, please visit www.ESAFoundation.org

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ThanksUSA_Logo_1 Be a Hero Hire a Hero

Military Families to Receive Scholarships Thanks to Unique Partnership

Between ThanksUSA and Be a Hero-Hire a Hero/The Judge Group

Washington, DC, December 21, 2012 – ThanksUSA today announced that it is partnering with Be a Hero-Hire a Hero/The Judge Group, the nation’s premiere organization for veterans transitioning to civilian life, to provide ThanksUSA need-based scholarships to the children and spouses of America’s troops.  The partnership brings together career and educational opportunities for the first time to build and strengthen the next generation of American leaders from the ranks of veterans, active personnel and military families.

“Our veterans and troops deserve every career opportunity when they return home and through our career expos we are able to help them make the transition to the work force.  Adding an education component takes it to the next level,” said Jeff Klare, CEO and founder of Be a Hero-Hire a Hero.  “With the scholarship funding passion and knowledge ThanksUSA brings, our military families will establish the next tier of leadership in the U.S.”

The joint effort will culminate in the biggest career event for veterans and their families in U.S. history: On September 27, 2013 in Washington, D.C. ThanksUSA, along with the Veterans Aid Foundation, will host the Be a Hero-Hire a Hero/The Judge Group Veteran’s Career Expo that will also be linked digitally to U.S. military bases worldwide.  Up to 500 corporations are expected to participate and sponsor the event with a portion of the funds benefiting ThanksUSA.

“This partnership will strengthen our military’s lifeline to the workforce by offering them the educational tools they need as they and their families transition to civilian life and look to the future,” said ThanksUSA Executive Director Michele Stork.  “The Career Expo means that we will be able to thank dozens more military families for their sacrifice through the gift of education.”

ThanksUSA was launched in 2005 when two Virginia schoolgirls set out to recruit Americans to thank active-duty troops in all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Reserves and National Guard, for defending our freedoms.  Since its inception, the national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization has awarded nearly $8.5 million in need-based two-year and four-year college and vocational education scholarships to 2,800 military families in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“We are thrilled at the prospect of serving up to 10,000 veterans at what will be the largest Veteran’s Career Expo ever conducted and the thousands more veterans around the world,” said Klare.  “The ThanksUSA scholarships will give them even more options as they transition to life here at home.”


 About ThanksUSA

Founded in the fall of 2005, ThanksUSA, a non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization, is an effort to thank the men and women of our armed forces and their families for their service to the country with the gift of education. The organization provides need-based, post-secondary education opportunities to the children and spouses of active-duty status military personnel through competitive scholarships. For more information, please visit www.ThanksUSA.org.

About Be a Hero-Hire a Hero

Be A Hero-Hire A Hero has been hosting successful Veteran’s Career Expos for eight years while creating hiring initiatives to show our appreciation for all the sacrifices our men and women serving in the military have made. Now it is our turn to give back! Veterans are in need of assistance as they transition back into civilian life, seeking employment and becoming productive members of the work-force. We are here to help.  For more information, visit us on the web at www.beahero-hireahero.com or call toll free (800) 238-5373.

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ThanksUSA co-founders, Rachel and Kelsi Okun, will be presented with the prestigious Jefferson Awards, the “Nobel Prize for public service,” on Tuesday, March 6th. The Okuns will join fellow honorees for the national awards ceremony to be held in New York. Read the press release below to learn more about this year’s honorees and their altruistic efforts. Updates will post to our Facebook page and we encourage you to visit www.jeffersonawards.org to learn more.

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Ryan Patterson is intrigued by the complexity of something that most of us take for granted…memory. With the assistance of a $3,000 Paladin Capital Group/ThanksUSA Scholarship, Ryan has begun his studies in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience at John Hopkins University so that he may, one day, develop therapies or even a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Like most young college students, Ryan left the comfort of home to settle into his new academic community. As a military dependent, Ryan notes that the transition to college “felt just like another move.”Since his father, Colonel Chris Patterson, has served with the United States Air Force for nearly 25 years, Ryan is very comfortable accepting challenges and adapting to change.

“As a military child, my education was rather choppy because of constantly moving and switching schools. Also, it’s very challenging to have to pick-up and leave friends and make new ones on a regular basis. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. These experiences have served me well while settling in at college,” says Ryan.

And settled in he has! Ryan has always had a deep passion for learning and his love of science led him to laboratory research. He explains, “In lab research, you are always on the forefront of scientific knowledge, constantly looking for, and discovering, things that no one else has ever seen before.” Ryan adds that his particular field “deals specifically with the individual neuron and the molecules it uses to communicate.”

during his research, Ryan captured this image of a neuron in the visual cortex of a mouse

Ryan expounds on his interest in memory research saying, “The exact details of where and how memory works are only just being understood. Somehow your brain can distinguish between all your memories even though they appear to be identical chemically and electrically. If we can understand these fine details of how memory works, we may be able to develop a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s.”

As he enters the final semester of his freshman year, Ryan is applying for a study abroad at Oxford University. The challenging program only accepts a few students each year, but Ryan’s academic record speaks for itself and he is confident about his chances. “If I get accepted, I will spend a year at St. Anne’s College, a division of Oxford, studying Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Statistics,” says Ryan.

Although Ryan is most notably a scientifically minded, detail oriented student, he does step away from the lab on occasion. Music has always been an enjoyable outlet for Ryan and he reports, “Music continues to be a way to relax and relive stress when all of my academic work catches up with me.” He plays the bass clarinet in the Homewood campus Wind Ensemble and continues to hone his solo piano skills. Ryan also remains devoted to his Catholic faith and serves as a Eucharistic minister, lector, and alter server at Saint Phillips and James Church.

ThanksUSA wishes nothing but the best for Ryan on his continued academic journey. Perhaps, during our lifetime, his research will lead to better treatment for, or the eradication of, devastating neurological diseases. We close this week’s blog with a note of gratitude from Ryan:

“The Paladin Capital Group/ThanksUSA Scholarship provided part of the financial support that I needed to attend Johns Hopkins. This has allowed me to realize my dream of studying and researching at a world-class medical facility and has set me on the way to becoming a doctor.”

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As May approaches, ThanksUSA scholars are busy selecting classes for their next term, preparing for summer internships, and submitting their applications for the 2011/2012 ThanksUSA Scholarship.  We are proud to introduce a new ThanksUSA supporter, Jim Ambrogi and Bikram Yoga Studios:

War Vet Turns up the Heat to Help Military Families
Fits Well with the New National ‘Joining Forces’ Effort

McLean, Va., April 29, 2011 – A former Army Ranger and now a recognized Bikram “Hot” Yoga instructor has taken on a new role: to provide educational opportunities for military families.

Jim Ambrogi, a wounded veteran of Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, is launching a fundraising campaign for ThanksUSA, a charity that provides the families of military men and women with needs-based, post-secondary school scholarships. Ambrogi will devote all of May – National Military Appreciation Month – to fund scholarship awards through donations, drawings for yoga mats and outfits, and prizes offered by local businesses.

Ambrogi’s new initiative fits well with “Joining Forces,” the national program announced April 12 by First Lady Michele Obama and Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President. They are calling on all Americans to “to mobilize, take action and make a real commitment to supporting our military families,” Michele Obama said.

Ambrogi will center his campaign at his Bikram studio in Alexandria, VA. Bikram yoga involves strenuous poses and stretches, completed at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. During May, Ambrogi is asking his students and fellow yogis to stretch open their wallets, too.

“I discovered the healing powers of Bikram yoga firsthand when I turned to the discipline to help me recover from my debilitating wounds. I became healthy and strong again both physically and emotionally,” explained Ambrogi. “Now, with Bikram, I can also help others, many of whom are vets just like me. I am just as dedicated to helping military families through ThanksUSA and the gift of education. There is healing in helping, too.”

Ambrogi is also challenging other Bikram studios nationwide to follow his lead and join his campaign by developing their own fundraising efforts. “Our families back home sacrifice as much as any of us on the battlefield. I’m confident that other Bikram studios, along with my students, will also want to help military children and spouses through the gift of education,” Ambrogi continued.

“Jim is going above and beyond the call of duty in helping boost the number of scholarships we can award to the families of those who serve,” says Bob Okun, chair of ThanksUSA. “He’s a real inspiration spiritually and, I have to say, physically as well. His yoga stretches your body to the limits of heat and stress with extraordinary results. His commitment to ThanksUSA is just as extraordinary.”

A native of Massachusetts, Ambrogi enlisted in the Army at the age of 20 and served for 22 years. A marathon runner and body-builder, he suffered several combat injuries, which required several surgeries, leaving him with a 60 percent disability rating from the Veterans Administration. It was then that he turned to Bikram, becoming one of its top masters and later introducing the “hot yoga trend” to the Washington, D.C. region.

The founder of Bikram yoga, Bikram Choudhury, sees the studios’ effort to support military families as an extension of their work. “Our studios have helped to heal wounded warriors in many communities, and we would like to also support their families through ThanksUSA,” he said.

So far, these 20 Bikram studios are participating in “Bikram Salutes Military Families”:

Bikram Yoga of Alexandria; Alexandria VA; Jim Ambrogi –703.212.9642
Bikram Yoga Ashburn; Ashburn VA; Jameliah Penfield — 703.858.9642
Bikram Yoga Auburn; Auburn MA; Sam Goldman — 508.832.9642
Bikram Yoga Bethesda; Bethesda MD; Adam Pearlstein and John Kramer — 301.215.7820
Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill; Capital Hill, Washington DC; Elizabeth Glover — 202.256.9156
Bikram Yoga Charlottesville; Charlottesville, VA; Lizzie Clark — 434.220.1415
Bikram Yoga Evanston; Evanston IL; Stuart Getz — 703.854.1611
Bikram Yoga Hamden; Hamden, Baltimore MD; Sarah Ittmann — 410.243.2040
Bikram Yoga Lincoln; Lincoln CA; Kathryn Body — 916.408.3900
Bikram’s Yoga College of New Haven; New Haven CT; Robin Brace — 203.785.0844
Bikram Yoga Oak Park; Oak Park IL; Nancy Kalinowski — 708.613.6055
Bikram Yoga Richmond; Richmond (South Side) VA; Garland Hume and Tighe Antrim — 804.330.3353
Bikram Yoga Richmond; Richmond (West End) VA; Garland Hume and Tighe Antrim — 804.249.3355
Bikram Yoga Severna Park; Severna Park, MD; Emily Norfolk — 410.315.9642
Bikram Yoga College Traverse City; Traverse City MI; Brandon and Jennifer Kietzman — 231.392.4798
Bikram Yoga Tysons; Tysons VA; Insel Metin — 703.854.1611
Bikram Yoga Westboro; Westboro MA; Sam Goldman — 508.366.9642
DC Bikram Yoga; Tenleytown, Washington DC; Elaine Rosenberg — 202.243.3000
Funky Door Yoga Berkeley; Berkeley CA; Karima Wilner — 510.204.9642
Sacramento Bikram Yoga; Sacramento CA; Julie Havelock — 916-833-1772

Since its inception in 2006, ThanksUSA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has provided over $6 million in academic scholarship assistance to America’s military families throughout all 50 states, with particular attention given to those whose loved one was killed or wounded in action. ThanksUSA’s scholarship program is unique in that both spouses and children of active-duty men and women can apply to the same organization for support. The scholarships directly benefit those who most need and deserve the opportunity to transform their lives, but lack the resources to do so. Recipients represent all military branches – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve – and come from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

As Jim Ambrogi and so many others understand, ThanksUSA offers much-needed hope and encouragement to each member of America’s broad military family and a visible role for supporters to re-invest in a resilient military community and a stronger America.

To learn more about ThanksUSA, visit www.ThanksUSA.org.

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