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Gabriella “Ellie” Cavuoti is a compassionate nursing student who believes in the personal philosophy: “to those who are given much, much is owed to others.” This week, the Truman State University freshman shares her academic goals and how the $3,000 ESA Foundation/ThanksUSA Scholarship is helping her achieve them.

Ellie’s father, Lt. Col. Frank Cavuoti, USAF (RET), has been serving our nation since 1985. Lt. Col. Cavuoti was an Air Force pilot during his active-duty service and now continues to work with the Air Force as a civilian. Ellie reflects on her military life saying, “It has given me the opportunity to see the world and cultures through different eyes and many locations.”

Though there were many duty stations, Ellie’s parents always made sure that the family helped to build and care for the local community. Ellie adopted the concepts of “pay it forward” and “take care of your own” and is now looking forward to serving the communities of Missouri as a registered nurse.

“Missouri is my home. I want to have an impact and make a difference where I live with the people I love,” explains Ellie. She says she chose Truman State University because, although relatively small, it provides rigorous academics which best reflect Ellie’s personality and her “desire to work more closely with people at the core level.”

Her desire to serve others is also reflected in charitable efforts through the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. She has already volunteered with the local animal shelter, tutored elementary students, and participated in food, coat, and blood drives.

In addition to her work through ΑΦΩ, Ellie volunteers with many children’s-focused causes like Nathan’s Quest, Vacation Bible School, and Parish School of Religion. Children hold a special place in Ellie’s heart and she knows that she will eventually marry and start a family of her own. Upon completion of her undergraduate nursing studies, Ellie plans to complete a graduate program and specialize in pediatric nursing.

When she speaks about the impact that the ThanksUSA Scholarship has had on her freshman year of studies, Ellis says, “It has truly inspired me. I feel that I have the ability and skills to succeed. The ESA Foundation sponsorship of my ThanksUSA Scholarship and your vote of confidence bolsters my pride and allows me to focus on my studies. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation. Your investment in me and my investment in my studies will go a long way in making our society a better place.”

Truly a worthy investment! You can invest in deserving scholars like Ellie by making your tax-deductible donation to ThanksUSA today. All military dependents and spouses are reminded that applications for the 2012-2013 academic year will be available online from April 1 through May 15, 2012. Current ThanksUSA Scholarship recipients and prospective applicants are encouraged to register for an email reminder here.

As always, we welcome your words of encouragement for Ellie and leave you with a message of gratitude from Ellie:

“I would like to thank the ESA Foundation and ThanksUSA Scholarship committee for helping to provide me with this wonderful opportunity to attend the university of my dreams. It truly speaks volumes about these organizations in that they care about the education and future of young adults of America. I am grateful to be a part of this scholarship program and wish the best to other applicants in the years to come!”

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