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Happy Spring!! The second Phase I deadline of Treasure Hunt Five has passed and I am happy to announce that we are currently verifying the chapter 3 and chapter 4 winners. Your school or youth group still has a chance to win! The final Phase I deadline is May 20, 2010. All groups that submit correct answers for chapters 5, 6, or 7, will be eligible for prizes.

To prepare for the final deadline, let’s take a closer look at a question from chapter 5, New Jersey:

(Across) 16. A librarian has a complex name and a complex topic: Her 2009 book, co-edited with a fellow from Rider University, deals with how to instruct “Generation M.” She works at one of the three campuses of what New Jersey institution?

Interesting…let’s first start by determining the name of the author. The clue tells us that the book was published in 2009 and we know that the subject matter is Generation M. Let’s try the following search:

Author + 2009 book “Generation M”

Even though this should lead you to the author in question, keep in mind that different search engines can yield different results. If your search provided various books and authors, you’ll have to be more specific. Reading the clue again may actually give you the title to the book: deals with how to instruct “Generation M.” What’s another word for instruct? Teach! So if you weren’t successful with your first search, try the following:

Author + 2009 book + teach Generation M

Once you find the author, type her name into your search engine and read a short biography about her. Once you have determined which University she works at, type into the crossword puzzle on the left. Any letters placed in boxes containing a symbol will automatically be transferred to the Treasure tab.

After you complete the entire crossword puzzle, click on the Treasure tab to solve the final clues of chapter 5 and unlock the New Jersey treasure. We’ll continue to focus on the last three chapters until the final Phase I deadline. If you would like to see tips for answering a specific question or clue, please submit a comment. Good Luck!

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The first Phase I winners of TH5 have been notified! A high school class from Ohio has won chapter 1 and a youth group from TX are the lucky winners of chapter 2. Your school/youth group can be our next winner! Just submit correct answers to chapters 3 or 4 by March 18th.

In honor of African American History Month, we’re going to take a closer look at questions from chapter 3, Alabama. Within this chapter, we recognize the achievements of many great African Americans, showcasing athletes, politicians, military members, and educators. Let’s start with a clue that I hope even our youngest Treasure Hunt participants will be able to answer without much help:

13. Considered the mother of the civil rights movement, she refused to give up her seat on the bus, inspiring a year-long boycott.   SOAR   RASKP

This woman’s brave defiance inspired a nation and I know that most TH5 players will know the answer immediately. But, if you need some help, search the following key words: Mother of civil rights movements

The next clue is a bit more challenging, but I expect some students to already know the answer…specifically those students in Hampton Roads, VA and Eastern Alabama:

18. He was only 25 when he became the administrator of a university. Although he was born into slavery he wanted to help freed slaves learn how to be teachers and ministers.   KOEBOR   T   TONHIWGNSA

This man was actually born in Virginia, educated in VA and DC, and then appointed as the administrator of a new (at the time) university in Alabama. With humble beginnings in the basement of a church, this university’s campus continued to expand and is now a National Historic Landmark. You’re search may include:

25 year-old freed slave + university administrator + Alabama

The anagrams provided in this chapter will help you identify correct answers right away. As always, if you’re having difficulty with Alabama or any other chapter, please leave a comment on the TH5 blog, post your question on our Fan page, or send me an email sherrykoch@thanksusa.org. For additional African American History Month resources, I recommend visiting the Library of Congress website. Good Hunting!

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The first Phase I deadline of Treasure Hunt Five has passed and I am happy to announce that we are currently verifying the chapter 1 and chapter 2 winners. Winners will be featured in upcoming TH5 blogs, the ThanksUSA website, and on the ThanksUSA Fan page. The next Phase I entry deadline is March 18th. School/Youth groups who submit correct answers for chapter 3, Alabama, or chapter 4, Earth’s Treasure, will be eligible for prizes.

To help you qualify for the next prize drawing, I will be focusing on clues from chapters 3 and 4 until the March 18th deadline. I have gotten quite a few inquiries regarding chapter 4, Earth’s Treasure. One question in particular has caused some real confusion…

7. Long before the National Wildlife Federation was formed, visionary conservationists such as J.N. “Ding” Darling and Aldo Leopold were dedicated members of an organization that was committed to preserving the wildlife of our nation. What was the name of the group? Count the number of letters in the first word of the name.

Usually, I point out some key words within the clue that will easily direct you to an answer. However, the answer to this clue can only be found by conducting some conservation research of your own. So this week, I’ll try to give you some additional hints and leave the searching entirely up to you!

First, the clue mentions that the group we’re looking for was founded long before the National Wildlife Federation…it was actually founded 49 years before the NWF. Our clue also mentions that well-known nature conservationists “Ding” Darling and Aldo Leopold were members of this group. When Theodore Roosevelt founded this group, he had help from some close friends including anthropologist George Bird Grinnell.

The name of the Club was intended to honor two American folk heroes recognized as ethical hunters and honest men who loved the outdoors. To this day, the club still advocates ethical hunting practices and educates the public about wildlife conservation. The club offers several k-12 conservation education programs at their Montana wildlife center.

I truly hope that these additional clues will lead you to your answer. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to post a comment or send me a direct email at sherrykoch@thanksusa.org. Next week we’ll take a closer look at a question from chapter 3, Alabama. If you would like to see a specific question featured in an upcoming TH5 blog, please post a comment. Good Luck!

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