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Though a very well-rounded individual, Air Force dependent Jacob Humerick has one true passion – music. Preparing for his final year of Music Education studies at Western Connecticut State University, Jacob is eager to begin a career inspiring the next generation of talented musicians. With an instrumental focus on trumpet, Jacob explains, “Music is a universal language that breaks down social barriers.  I believe that it is very important to teach music, and that is why I want to become a music educator.”


Anyone who has school-aged children is acutely aware of the drastic budget cuts that have affected our public schools in recent years. As Jacob prepares for a career as an educator, he reflects on the importance of continuing music education in our schools saying, “There are so many interests that students need to be exposed to in order to become a well-rounded citizens.  Studies have shown a strong relationship of music participation to success in other areas such as science and mathematics.”

Jacob’s own academic success certainly reflects this correlation. In addition to the typical college coursework, he has frequent trumpet rehearsals and performances and has spent much of the past year shadowing music educators to develop his own teaching style; all while maintaining a near perfect GPA. Jacob acknowledges that his family has been a huge factor in his success by nurturing his passion since an early age. The middle son of Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Humerick (USAF, RET) and Lisa Humerick, Jacob grew up in the typical military environment…relocating every two years, making new friends, and attending a new school. Over the years, music remained a constant in his life. No matter where the Air Force sent the Humericks, Jacob was able to continue his music through participation in church ensembles and school bands. When asked what advice her has for younger military dependents, Jacob quotes advice that he received from a pastor, “Bloom where you’re planted.”

Last week, Jacob and his family joined ThanksUSA friends and supporters to celebrate our mission during the Treasure Our Troops Gala. During the event, Senator Joseph Lieberman was presented with the ThanksUSA Military Families Award, recognizing his dedication and leadership to our nation. In Senator Lieberman’s honor, Jacob was awarded the 2012 Senator Joseph Lieberman/ThanksUSA Scholarship in the amount of $3,000.

As mentioned earlier, Jacob is one of three young Humerick men. His older brother, Zachary, received ThanksUSA scholarships totaling $5,000 to pursue his degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In 2010, Zachary earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Physics and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Chemical Engineering. Upon graduation, Zachary plans to pursue a career in alternative energy. Younger brother, Matthew, is preparing for his sophomore year of studies at Western New England University, where he is pursuing a degree in Business and Sports Management.

Jacob adds, “Any scholarship reduces the cost of education significantly which is important for families, such as mine, with multiple children pursuing higher education. ThanksUSA recognizes the military dependents and the silent sacrifice they make as their father or mother…or sometimes both parents…serve our country whether they are deployed to a hostile area or at home protecting us. ThanksUSA knows the stress that military places on families and provides financial aid because they care about the home. The benefactors to ThanksUSA may not fully understand how significant their donations are to students like me. I assure you that the recipients appreciate all of the help and support you provide.

It is because of our generous supporters that ThanksUSA is able to continue our mission of providing scholarships to the children and spouses of our military personnel. In a few short weeks, recipients of 2012-2013 ThanksUSA scholarship will be notified and we’ll begin sharing their stories here on the Scholarship News blog. Thank you for your continued support!

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